Join the NBF Family

At NBF, technology, automation and process enhancement may enable us to deliver competitively, but our people remain the driving force behind our strategies and future ambitions.

Our kind of family

As a member of the NBF family, you would be part of an inclusive environment that actively encourages the growth of your career.

We focus continually on boosting staff engagement and developing the exceptional talent that we have. Our employees are valued and rewarded for the ways in which they contribute - not only to the success of NBF, but to the local economy. Read about the benefits of working for NBF , and about the personalised training and development plans we create to maximise the potential of each of our team players.

Your wellbeing matters

We are serious about ensuring that our staff members maintain a positive work-life balance.

  • We are the first bank (and one of the few local organisations) in the UAE with an Employee Wellbeing Programme. All of our employees and their family members have access to this programme and our Health Portal.
  • In 2016, we have started the practice of holding ‘office yoga sessions’ at our locations.
  • Annually, biometric health tests are conducted for all staff so that our employees have a clear picture of their health and can positively address any issues
  • We hold various health and wellness awareness workshops throughout the year in addition to circulating information on various health topics
  • We host annual staff sporting events including golf, cricket, football and bowling tournaments. We also participate in a number of local sporting leagues and provide venues and sponsorships for local teams.

Your engagement matters

  • In our 2017 staff satisfaction survey conducted by Hay Group, our employees exhibited satisfaction and engagement levels well ahead of the GCC banking sector and on par with many high-performing global organisations.
  • Our overall climate index peaked at 77%.
  • Our employee engagement activities range from family days to sports tournaments to teambuilding activities and more formal events.

Your enjoyment matters

Some initiatives that show our appreciation for our people and promote greater cohesiveness and vibrancy in our workplace include:

  • Our ‘Pride’ campaign, a photography showcase of our exemplary employees
  • Our own NBF ‘Happy’ video
  • Our staff talent competition - NBF’s got Talent

Our diversity matters

At NBF, we provide equal career and development opportunities to all employees at all levels:

  • Our workforce is culturally diverse, comprising of 40% Emiratis and 60% other nationalities. Read more about our Emiratisation programme.
  • Internal applicants are reviewed first before a position is advertised externally.


At NBF, we compensate our valued employees fairly. All salaries and benefits are aligned with market practices.

As an NBF employee, the annual bonus structure is calculated based on the Bank’s overall performance, and also of course aligned to your individual performance.

We launched our Flexible Benefit Programme for our employees in 2016. More and more NBF employees are now electing to choose the employee benefits that are of most use them as individuals, according to their family needs and personal circumstances.

HR Services for you

Each year we share our Total Reward Statements (TRS) with our employees, which gives them an indication of our investment in them. A TRS is a statement of an individual’s pay and benefits (cash and non financial components), showing them how much NBF spends on them as a staff member.

Our employees are our most important resources and we treat them as we would our customers. Our HR team has developed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to help them meet and exceed staff expectations. NBF employees also get support through our online portal, HR Service Manager, where they can log their queries and receive responses and solutions from HR.

Your Suggestions matter

At NBF, we’re always encouraging change and innovation. Our employee suggestion initiative, Eureka, allows staff to make suggestions and share their ideas for improvement at NBF in areas like cost or process efficiencies. These are then tabled before a Committee. Winning suggestions are implemented and rewarded appropriately.

In our CEO Innovation Club, we nominate millennials to work on specific themed projects to change our bank for the better.